Clifton College Commemoration Ball

Clifton College Commemoration Ball

The Event

One of our favourite annual events is the Clifton College Commemoration Ball which is held in order to celebrate the school’s birthday.  The event takes place on May bank holiday weekend over the Friday (for the lower school) and Saturday (for the upper school).

The challenging aspect of this event is that delivery is required on the Monday – Thursday prior to the event taking place, during the normal school routine, which of course can’t be interrupted, and requires distribution to 8 lower houses, 11 upper houses, the main marquee, the dance arena and the bar.

What We Delivered

The event requires a large amount of stock, including crockery, cutlery, glassware, buffet display/serving items, tables, chairs, linen, refrigeration & more; to give some figures of just a small sample of items we distribute across the 22 delivery locations:

3010 Champagne Flutes

2400 Hi Ball Glasses

2100 Knives & Forks

2200 Chairs

Over 250 tables of different shapes & sizes

The event logistics are challenging, with our entire team requiring escorts whenever on the school site, the 22 different delivery locations, the school’s normal routine, lessons and opening hours but with months of planning and preparation with Alastair Currie Event Solutions we were able to deliver all of the equipment over 3 days and collect it on the Saturday & Sunday enabling the clean-up Monday and school resuming as normal Tuesday.

Feedback from Clifton College

” A huge thank you to you and all your team for the hard work that Clifton College 2017 took, we really appreciate it and the client is delighted with the service they received.

I cannot imagine doing this particular delivery without the two of you at the end of the phone/in receipt of swiftly responded to email changes – thank you so much.

The professionalism and positivity shown by all of the Blast crew makes our job much easier, thank you very much indeed!

Much appreciated, and please pass on the above to the whole team.”

Alice Peacock, Event Manager, Alastair Currie Events


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July 18, 2017