Hydration Station

Blast Event Hire is striving to reduce plastic consumption in Bristol events. Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we were aiming for Bristol events to be plastic free in 2020, and we are now working towards a “plasticfreebefore2022”. There has been a huge backlash against single use plastic bottles, with Glastonbury the most recent and high profile event to ban the sale of them, and the trend is likely to continue throughout the UK. Every Bristol event can now aim to become a plastic bottle free site for 2022, through the organisers offering free drinking water at every entrance and exit to anyone with a multi-use sports/refillable bottle and a ban on traders selling plastic bottles.

After a very successful trial at the Bristol Harbour Festival, w e would like to introduce our water service station or ‘hydration station’. The units themselves measure 240cm x 50cm x 120cm (WxDxH) and have four push lever taps. With a normal domestic water pressure, these will fill 4 x 500ml water bottles in less than 20 seconds, 12 x 500ml in one minute and 720 x 500ml water bottles per hour, allowing time to actually remove the water bottle and put the next bottle under the tap.  They can be linked together back to back and with the same water pressure, can fill 1440 bottles per hour.

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Litres of Water Served

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Our Partners 

Events that have already used the hydration station to cut out plastic waste and offer free water to attendees include:

Bristol Harbour side Festival

Bristol Balloon Festival 

With the 2019 event season already underway, we would like to invite you to look toward your 2020 events and consider the advantages of the hire of these units, both from a socially responsible and a PR aspect, including branded re-usable bottles that can be distributed and branding on the units themselves. We’re already excited by the level of interest and are looking forward to the events industry in Bristol leading by example.

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