Having an event during the festive winter period presents a unique factor that makes the planning aspect that little bit easier and more fun! With Halloween, Bonfire night and the Christmas season fast approaching, there is always a reason to host an event at this time of year and the limits really are endless.

So, if you are planning on hosting your own event to help brighten up the cold Winter days, here are a couple of tips to ensure you have everything covered.

Location, Location, Location

Probably the most important factor to be considered (especially at this time of year) is the location and whether your venue has adequate shelter for your guests. Perhaps you are hiring a venue which has its own rustic features to fit in with your theme, or you are turning your house into your own personal winter wonderland, either way you need a base for your guests. A careful choice of venue will help you to enhance your creative ideas and will ensure that your guests are not left out in the elements wishing they were elsewhere!

Party In Style

A winter event poses a great opportunity to realise your creative potential and to have a lot of fun at the same time! Before the exciting part of shopping around for your decorations, you need to think about what theme you are going for.

Festive-themed decorations are usually a winner during the Winter period but have you decided whether you want to go for a traditional elegant theme or an icy winter wonderland?

Once you have decided your theme, the next part is easy! Think cosy lights, an Après Ski atmosphere and festive themed decorations and you’ll be on your way. A few ideas could be snow-topped indoor trees, crystal icicles, a ski-lodge wooden bar, rustic crates; Just make sure that little things such as menus, place settings and centre pieces etc. do not get missed when you’re busy thinking about the larger objects!

Light It Up

You should ensure that there is adequate lighting for when the daylight inevitably escapes you but why not go that extra mile and create the cosy winter atmosphere for your guests! Have a couple of lanterns dotted around for that subtle ambience, fairy lights draped across the ceiling, wall or bar or a couple of ‘icicle’ lights to create that winter wonderland feel. LED uplighters are also a simple but effective way of creating light for a space, either have these up against the walls of your marquee, inside your venue or even up the side of a tree for a great effect!

Guest Comfort

When hosting an event, no doubt your main priority is to ensure that your guests have a fabulous time. Making sure your guests are comfortable is a major factor in their overall experience at your event.

You should ensure that there is comfortable, adequate seating for all guests attending. Whether you’re hosting a dinner where everyone will need to be seated or a Christmas party with a lot of guests on their feet dancing; just remember, comfort is key!

You should also ensure that there is suitable heating at the venue of choice, there’s nothing worse than getting all glammed up to then be sat in a corner all night in your coat shivering! A couple of heaters dotted around your venue will make all the difference! Perhaps even some Athena Patio Heaters (if you have an outside area), so that your guests don’t feel restricted to stay inside.

If you’re feeling extra generous, why not provide some blankets, cushions and even umbrellas for that added comfort. This is a quirky, charming extra that your guests will adore and your generosity will not go unnoticed.

Staying In Control

As the organiser/planner of the event, the responsibility of ensuring that the event runs smoothly, unfortunately does hang on your shoulders. The main trick to running a successful event is to be organised and prepared well in advance, so that there really isn’t much that will need doing on the night. Running a Winter event naturally does mean that more things could go wrong than in the Summer i.e. weather conditions, busy periods etc. so it is important that there are many contingencies put in place beforehand, in case the weather does rapidly change or your preferred caterer is completely booked up for the whole Christmas period!

Make sure you leave plenty of time to organise and book the different suppliers/services that you need to ensure availability.

You should also keep yourself updated on weather forecasts and keep your guests advised. Getting in contact with the venue you’re hiring is a good idea for further information on dealing with inclement weather!

As long as you have everything organised prior to the event night and have contingencies put in place for the inevitable, your event should go off without a hitch… Now all that is left is to have fun!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help planning or organising your Winter event and we will be more than happy to assist or point you in the right direction.