Patio Heater Athena

This stylish stainless steel heater is able to warm any outdoor gathering, with it's 9.3Kw an hour heat output and a visually stunning flame heating the inner glass tube. 

Standing at 2.25M high, the Athena Patio Heater manages to impress in every aspect; its battery igniter allows the heater to start effortlessly and a variable valve controls the heat output. The heater is also atop a set of wheels for ease of movement and includes an anti-tilt cut off mechanism amongst its safety features. 

Propane gas consumption is around 0.30kg/h The Athena is 9.3kw.


*All of the prices listed on the website are for a 1-4 day hire period.  Longer hire periods are available and we can do discounted rates for long term hires – please enquire for any period longer than 4 days.

Patio Heater Athena


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