Jack Stack 104 plate

Easily move the vertical plate tower in a minimum time to storage, banquet or dishwashing area. 20% less labour, 25% less serving time, plus 30% more space. This model can store 104 plates.

50mm spacing between supports.
170mm plate supports.
4 x 150mm wheels (two braked).
Minimum diameter of 12 cm (approx. 5"). Maximum diameter of 30 cm (approx. 12").
Dimensions 1790(h) x 600(w) x 600(d)mm.


*All of the prices listed on the website are for a 1-4 day hire period.  Longer hire periods are available and we can do discounted rates for long term hires – please enquire for any period longer than 4 days.

Jack Stack 104 plate

Item code: JACKSTACK104

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