Boiling Ring Double- 2 x 2.5KW

Cast Iron Double Boiling Ring- 2 x 2.5KW Burners- Ideal for use with stock pots and boiling pots, and a must have for any festival or outdoor catering event

Frame Dimensions: 510mm x 240mm x 90mm (L X W X H)
Gas Consumption: 364g/hr
Propane and Butane. Output: 17060 Btu/hr, 5.0 kw/hr2
Burner Diameter: 89mm
Vessel Capacities:- Diameter - 300 mm (max); Height – 180 mm (max);
Liquid – 8 kgs (max)

CE Approved. For outdoor use only

Please Note: Propane gas sold separately


*All of the prices listed on the website are for a 1-4 day hire period.  Longer hire periods are available and we can do discounted rates for long term hires – please enquire for any period longer than 4 days.

Boiling Ring Double- 2 x 2.5KW


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