Mobile Carvery Unit


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The stainless steel carving pads are thermostatically controlled for an even heat distribution and the bain marie with fan assisted heating unit can accommodate various combinations of gastronorm pans up to 150mm deep for sauces and vegetables.

A pop-up plate dispenser at one end of the unit can take up to 65 plates of between 8″ and 12″ diameter. Extra plates as well as more roast meat, vegetables and sauces can be kept in the storage cupboard. Mounted above the unit is a quartz heated gantry complete with curved glass sneeze guard.

The overall dimensions are 1490mm x 680 depth with a serving height of 900mm. Four semi-obscured heavy duty lockable castors ensure both ease of movement and stability.

Weight: 95 kg
Length: 1490 mm
Depth: 680 mm
With trayside up: 950 mm
With trayside down: 740 mm
Height including gantry: 1310 mm
Work surface: 900 mm
Power Rating: 2.6 kW

Type: Catering