Hog Roast Machine


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Unique ability to cook in the top trays whilst the main meat is cooking on the spit below
Comes complete with six removable stainless steel cooking/serving trays for carving the meat into, keeping meat and stuffing warm, or cooking vegtables, extra joints etc.
Can cook a full pig up to 85kg head off or 65kg head on (approx six hours cooking time)
Fully adustable twin burners with spark ignition.
Unique for position carving cradle positioned at a comfortable and adjustable carving height.
Tapered bottom so excess fat flows towards the drain hole for collection during the cooking process. Burner covers prevent fat blocking burner holes.
Six quick lock retainers to ensure meat is firm and secure on the spit.
Handle at front end to allow machine to be wheeled into place by one person
Gas Consumption Rate 1KG/Hour